The audiologists and hearing technology experts at Clifton Springs Hearing Center in Pittsford, Canandaigua and Clifton Springs, New York, understand the positive changes that can occur when a patient is fitted with the proper hearing aid or listening device. The right hearing aid can have an extremely positive impact on your life.

There are different types and styles of hearing aids. Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids offer the most discreet fit. More traditional types of hearing aids include the in-the-ear (ITC), receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) styles.

Our audiologists will work with you to choose the right hearing aid to match your needs and lifestyle.

Types of Hearing Aids

CIC Hearing Aid - Invisible, Completely-In-The-Canal

Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids (CIC)

CIC hearing aids are the smallest and most discreet. These hearing aids fit completely in the canal and are made to fit your ears. There is a clear nylon post to help with insertion and removal. CIC hearing aids are powered with a #10 hearing aid battery.

ITC Hearing Aid - In-The-Canal Hearing Aid

In-the-Canal hearing aids (ITC):

ITC hearing aids are larger than the CIC style. These hearing aids fit within the ear canal and are custom-made. ITC hearing aids are powered by a #312 or #10 hearing aid battery.

ITE Hearing Aid - In-The-Ear Hearing Aid

In-the-Ear hearing aids (ITE)

ITE hearing aids fit in the "bowl" of the ear. Made to fit your ears, the lightweight and compact size makes ITE hearing aids comfortable and easy to manage. They are powered by a #13 or #312 battery.

RITE Hearing Aid - Receiver-In-The-Ear Hearing Aid

Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE)

RITE hearing aids are similar to the conventional behind-the-ear (BTE) style but are much smaller and more discreet. A very small tube leads to the ear canal making RITE hearing aids more cosmetically appealing while still offering superior sound quality.

BTE Hearing Aid - Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid

Behind-the-Ear hearing aids (BTE)

BTE hearing aids are the largest type of modern hearing devices. The processing components for this type of hearing aid are housed in a case that fits behind the ear. Sounds enter the instrument, are amplified, and travel through a tube that is contoured over the top of the listener's ear and into an earmold inside the ear. BTE hearing aids are durable, easy to handle and maintain, and can be easily adapted for use with a wide variety of assistive listening devices.

Our audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advances in hearing aid technology to offer you the best types and. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-888-685-3844 or via the Appointments page.