Digital Hearing Aids

Are you in the Pittsford or Clifton Springs, New York area and looking for real solutions to your hearing problem?

At Clifton Springs Hearing Center, we've been serving patients since 1981 at our Clifton office, near Rochester, NY. Since then, we've opened satellite offices throughout Monroe County to better serve you.

Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare

We don't just sell hearing aids. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive hearing healthcare to remove any communication barriers you may be facing. Our highly trained audiologists offer hearing evaluations and hearing aid dispensing as well as follow-up care for your continued hearing success.

Following your comprehensive tests, we'll determine whether hearing aids are the best option for the type and severity of hearing loss you have. And because we are independent practice, we are not obligated to recommend specific hearing aid brands or models; our recommendations will be all about you- your hearing loss, your lifestyle, your budget.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

We understand that selecting a hearing aid is a difficult process. Because we carry the best digital hearing aids from the industry's leading manufacturers, you can be confident that you will be getting quality devices. And because our audiologists are educated on the specific features of each hearing aid, you can be confident we will recommend the best instrument for your needs.

With the widest variety of hearing aids in the Rochester area, we proudly carry the following hearing aids:


Choose from the Agil, Intiga or the latest model, the Alta.


We carry the Audeo, Naida and the new Q series.


Made specifically for Apple, the ReSound helps bridge the gap between your smartphone and your hearing aids.

All these options may seem overwhelming. But at Clifton Springs Hearing Centers, we do more than hearing aid dispensing; our trained, licensed audiologists work with you to find the right answers to your hearing questions.

Looking for hearing aids near Rochester? To schedule your appointment at our offices in the Pittsford and Clifton Springs, New York area, call us toll-free at 1-888-685-3844.