Custom Hearing Protection

The audiologists at Clifton Springs Hearing Center in Clifton Springs, New York offer a variety of custom hearing protection products to help you prevent hearing loss due to loud noise at work or play.

Custom Earbuds

Perfectly fitted custom earbuds reduce background noise and provide high quality sound, so you won’t need to turn music up to dangerous levels in order to hear every note.

Custom Ear Molds

Custom ear molds are designed to be worn when participating in long lasting loud situations. These comfortable devices provide far better hearing protection than a store-bought ear plug. Custom ear molds also have the option for standard or digital protection.

Hunting Ear Protection

Hunters and shooters encounter loud noises that can damage hearing. These sounds can be painful with the wrong hearing aid devices. With digital ear plugs from Clifton Springs Hearing Centers in Clifton Springs New York, sounds in the safe range are amplified while noises above 95 decibels are automatically blocked. Several styles and colors are available.

Musician Ear Plugs

Musician Ear Plugs preserve sound quality so that tone, pitch, and timbre are not altered. These devices limit harmful sound levels for musicians and music lovers who frequently encounter loud listening environments that can cause cumulative hearing loss. Canal-style earplugs are virtually invisible.

Swim Molds

Swimmers know that they risk the painful inflammation and hearing loss of Swimmers Ear as a result of getting ears wet often. Custom molds of your ear allow creation of perfect fit protection to keep ears dry while in the water.

For more information, or if you are concerned that you’ve already sustained a hearing loss, contact Clifton Springs Hearing Center today to schedule an evaluation.