Hearing Centers in Rochester NY

At Clifton Springs, we focus on addressing your specific hearing issues, providing hearing tests, diagnosing any problems, and providing the best solutions. We know what you're going through physically. Just as importantly, we understand what you're experiencing on a personal and emotional level. Please allow us to help.


Our team of certified audiologists are qualified to provide you with the diagnosis you need to get on the path to hearing better. We work with you to create a hearing solution that is customized for your specific needs. Learn more about our audiologists.

Hearing Centers

Clifton Springs has 3 convenient hearing centers located in the Rochester NY area. Find the closest hearing center to you.

Hearing Services

Clifton Springs offers comprehensive hearing tests and evaluations free of charge to citizens in the Rochester NY area. We conduct hearing evaluations to determine whether further testing or treatment is needed. Learn more about our hearing tests and audiology services.