Phonak Audeo V

Phonak Audeo V

Phonak Audeo V is the top choice if you want a hearing aid with superior performance as well as manual control and unlimited connectivity. Phonak Audeo V features SoundRelax to soften sudden loud sounds like slamming doors, ZoomControl to automatically select the direction of speech, DuoPhone, a peerless telephone solution, and more.

Phonak Audeo V Binaural VoiceStream Technology

The Phonak Audeo V now has the ability to send speech from one device to the other. This top-notch technology, allows these hearing aids to provide better speech comprehension in the most difficult situations.

Color and Style Options

Available in 11 colors this hearing aid has been designed to match any hair or skin tone. The Phonak Audeo V is available in Receiver-In-Canal style and the slim, lightweight design allows you to forget your hearing aids are even there.

Speech in 360

This feature allows the hearing aid wearer to understand speech from any direction. By automatically selecting the direction of speech, the Phonak Audeo V sends the sound signal from one ear to the other, improving speech intelligibility without facing the speaker.

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